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3 Reasons Your Garage Door Won't Close

If you are having trouble closing your garage door, there could be several reasons that are contributing to this easy to fix the problem. In order to find out why your door sticks or doesn’t shut properly, you can do some troubleshooting before you calling the experts. Florida Garage Door Company provides three things you can do to check why your garage door may not be closing. 

Why Won't My Garage Door Close?

  1. First of all, take a look and make sure your garage door isn’t sensing that something is in the way of the eye. Any object interfering with this eye can stop the door from properly closing (working). Some doors will stop in the same spot, and others will return to the beginning position. Even something small or large like a rock could be picked up by the sensors (eye), so make sure that there is nothing blocking the sensors.
  2. Once you have checked this, take a look at the springs on the door when you’re trying to open it or close it. Are the springs binding? Is something on the way causing them to stick? If so, make sure to clear them from such so your door can close smoothly. Springs can also become stretched or damaged which need to be replaced. These springs are under heavy pressure and should not be handled except by a professional who has the right tools and equipment for the job.
  3. If you have done both things mentioned above and still had no luck than it is time to call in the professionals, so they can diagnose and fix the problems properly. Depending on what you have in your garage, having garage door issues could be a risk for theft and security for your home and family. Proper operation of your doors is a must (it is also recommended for energy efficiency savings, especially in South Florida)

By speaking to a professional, you can find out more about the causes and fixes of broken garage doors that don’t close or open properly year around. A professional will look at the door, the springs, motor, and overall system and recommend the best maintenance and equipment available under any budget. They should also explain in detail all the different warranties available by all the different brands.

Trust Our Garage Door Experts

Keep that in mind if the weather in your area has been bad ( too hot or cold ) or if there has been a significant change in your utility bills than more than likely your garage door system might need to be serviced so that it properly closes and opens. Relieve your stress by calling a professional today. Repair all your garage doors problems by calling Florida Garage Door Company same day service at (954) 900-6334 they are available 24/7