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If it’s time to replace your old, damaged garage doors, seek help from Florida Garage Door Company. Our expert team is more than happy to help you find a new garage door that’s not only beautiful and durable but energy-efficient as well. With our wide selection of garage doors from industry-leading brand DAB, you can be confident that you get only the best products, price, and warranties.

Let’s get started today! Call us to learn about your garage door options. We offer products for both residential and commercial use.

Advantages of DAB Garage Doors

As your trusted garage door specialists, Florida Garage Door Company makes it a point to recommend only products that we use ourselves like those from DAB. In the nearly two decades that we’ve been in business, nothing comes close to the innovations of the DAB brand. From rust and corrosion free finishes to high-winds and hurricane-resistant garage doors, Dab is committed to providing the most outstanding garage door products on the market.

Some advantages of having a DAB garage door include:

  • Energy efficient garage doors that ensure comfort and cost-savings
  • Visually appealing garage doors in varying materials including wood and steel
  • Garage doors built for exceptional lifetime performance
  • Quiet garage doors with Stealth Hardware Solutions
  • Hurricane rated doors that were independently tested for large-missile impact resistance
  • Wood garage doors that are resistant to all kinds of weather, eliminating the need for regular maintenance
  • Garage doors that are Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Code approved

DAB Wooden Garage Doors

If you are interested in wooden garage doors but don’t like the idea of frequent maintenance work, especially in humid Florida, check out the wooden garage doors offered by DAB.

Benefits of DAB Garage Doors

DAB Garage Door Repairs & Service

At Florida Garage Door Company, we also provide reliable services, including repairs and maintenance, for your existing DAB garage doors. Is your garage door becoming noisy? Is it slow to respond or stops midway? Do you notice any loose components? No matter what particular problem you encounter with your DAB garage door, our expert team can handle it. We are available 24/7 including the holidays for same-day emergency services at no additional cost.

Give us a call at (954) 900-6334 to schedule an appointment. Our Southern Florida garage door specialists can provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation to help you get started.

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