The importance of regular garage door inspection and maintenance cannot be overlooked if you want the door to operate smoothly and avoid unnecessary injuries and accidents at home. It is however encouraging to note that most of the modern doors are fairly easy to maintain and rarely will you have to call the pros to have a look at them. However, this is not to claim that you will never have to call them and presented here are some of those instances when it when it become necessary to call professional garage door experts to service your door-:

Broken Torsion Springs

Garage door torsion springs are usually under great torsion. They can break as a result of prolonged use or when a DIY enthusiast unknowingly messes up with them. When the springs break, there is a big risk of the door slamming with a huge bang and causing an accident in the process.

Since they are under great tension, any wrong move can cause them snap out of place, and in a split second, they can cause severe injuries to the arms or the face of the person handling them. Even if you are confident with your DIY skills, this is one task you should call the pros for help.

When the track is out of alignment

It is imperative to have a proper alignment of the track upon which the metal door runs on. If you happen to see bends on the rails or gaps between the rollers and the rails, then your garage door might have a very big problem. Over time, the problem can grow even bigger, given the weight of the door which has to run on the already misaligned track. Therefore, you need to call the pros the moment you notice that the track of your garage door is out of alignment.

The door won’t go up

If you notice that your garage door is struggling to open up or it fails to open completely, the first culprit you are likely to think of is power issues with the opener. But if you check the opener and find it to be in perfect condition, then it is highly likely that the problem lies with the torsion springs. If that is the case, the best solution is to call for professional services since torsion springs are very dangerous to work with.

The door closes quickly and with a bang

Finally, when you realize that your garage door closes very quickly and often with a bang, you better call the pros as soon as possible. Two reasons could be responsible for this. The tension springs responsible for countering the weight of the door could be broken or some of the cables connecting the tension springs to the door could be broken. These are dangerous components and you will be safer when you let garage door experts handle them on your behalf.

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