Ignoring garage door safety is akin to courting disaster at home. Garage doors are the largest moving parts of the home and due to this, extra caution is imperative whenever you are operating them. Presented here are great garage door safety tips to help you eliminate or minimize the occurrence of common accidents and injuries usually attributed to the doors-:

  1. The opener should be out of reach of children

Small children are known to play with everything, oblivious of the dangers that sometimes they expose themselves to. To protect them and avoid unnecessary emergencies, be sure that the opener control button is out of their reach. Additionally, don’t place the remote where they can easily access.

  1. Know about the emergency release features

Read the owner’s manual and know how to use the door’s emergency release feature, just in case you will have to open the door during an emergency or accidents.

  1. Regular visual inspection

Don’t wait to hear funny sounds or see physical signs of damage before taking a closer look at the door. Make it a habit of visually inspecting the door each month to check if the cables, springs, rollers, and pulleys are all intact. Should you notice anything sinister, call your local garage experts immediately.

  1. Test the auto-reverse feature regularly

Test the garage’s auto-reverse feature once a month by placing a roll of paper towels on the door’s path. If the door fails to reverse upon making contact with the towels, then it is faulty and you need to call qualified garage door experts to repair it. Remember, this is a standard feature for all garage doors since 1993 and it is a requirement that it should be working at all times.

  1. Save your Fingers

Never place your fingers between the door sections, whether or not the door is running, and also teach your children never to do so.

  1. Don’t leave the door partially open

If you leave the door partially open, someone could get hurt underneath when reactivated and besides, you are giving burglars an opportunity to sneak into your garage and run away with a few items. Therefore, for safety and security concerns never leave the door partially open.

  1. Unplug the opener unit when on vacation

Remember to unplug the opener unit when you are on vacation. Alternatively, you can use the vacation lock console security feature which will make all the remotes unusable and is an optional accessory to more of the garage door openers.

  1. Change the manufacturer’s access code

Be sure to change the manufacturer’s access codes if the models you are using don’t use the rolling-code technology. You can alternatively invest in modern openers with advanced security features such as biometric access control.

  1. Always store the remote control securely

Never leave the remote control in your car or with the parking attendants. It is also advisable to use a key chain remote and lock all entries to your home whenever you leave.

  1. Regular inspection and maintenance

But while observing all the above safety tips, you should also have professionals look at your door regularly to certify that all the components are working well and you are at risk of any breakdowns or dangers.

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