As a homeowner, you always expect your garage door to open and close smoothly and without any problems. Unfortunately, garage door breaking and damage can come unexpectedly, and repairing your door may or may not be as easy as a trip to Home Depot. But before you put on your shoes and start the car, you deserve to know up front just how much your Boca Raton garage door repair will actually cost.

But first, you need to know exactly how your garage door works. Your garage door consists of the actual door, the system in place to open and close the door while keeping it balanced, and your garage door opener. In order to troubleshoot which part of your door might actually be damaged, make sure to check each of these components separately so there’s nothing in the way of the pulley system or even that the batteries in your door opener are charged (Trust us, it happens). But if you don’t see anything unusually wrong with your naked eye, consider these repairs for your faulty garage door.

Your Garage Door Spring Needs To Be Replaced

Is your door slamming down or shooting upwards and obviously not balanced? One of the most common problems we see in broken garage doors is a broken spring, whether it is just old or was the wrong size even to begin with.

Garage door springs keep your door balanced and are either just above your garage door or on the sides, depending on the type of garage door you have. At some point, every garage door spring will break. And when it does, the cost to repair these springs is $200 – $250.00

A Broken Garage Door Cable

Known as the “spun cable” a break or fray in your garage door cable is also quite common, but it might be one of two things. Every garage door cable comes with a monitor that measures and detects any sort of slack in the cables. If this isn’t working properly and unable to detect the slack, the door may not open since the cables may be too tight or too loose. If it’s too tight, the door will not close all the way. If the cables are too loose, the monitor will not allow it to move causing the cable to come crashing down and breaking on your garage floor.

Whatever the cause of your broken cable, to replace it is a task that is both costly and time consuming. You can expect to pay anywhere from $125 to $150 dollars to fix this important part of your garage door system.

Safety Sensors Are Not Functioning Correctly

In order to open and close, your garage door relies solely on your garage door opener. If your batteries are fully charged, and you did see any damage to the actual opener, then there’s a good chance that the safety sensors are either misaligned or have an obstruction in the way.

Safety sensors are located at the bottom of your garage door to prevent the door from closing on any objects. In order to work properly, both safety sensors need to be able to beam towards one another without anything in the way. If you do not see an obstruction blocking the sensors, please call a technician right away as this might be a problem better suited for an expert. Expect to pay around $50 – $100.00 for this repair,

If you find yourself dealing with a broken garage door, please do not hesitate to call an expert to help fix your problem. Garage doors can be quite dangerous if they are broken and truthfully, you should never try to fix them on your own. At Florida Garage Door Company, we are the number one experts in garage door repairs and services. Our trucks are fully loaded and our highly skilled professionals are always on standby ready to tackle your garage door needs any time of the day. We serve clients all across Broward and Palm Beach Counties. So please give us a call and find out why we are South Florida’s number one place for all your garage door needs.

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