Not Sure How Much Your Garage Doors Repairs Will Cost?

Should your garage fail to open, never panic! There are a number of solutions to such a problem and there may be no need for you replace the entire door. A garage door consists of two main components – the garage door and the opener. It is always expected that the two components will work harmoniously, but sometimes they do fail, and presented here are most of the common garage door problems as well as the costs of repairing them in South Florida.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Due to the thousands of the up and down movements the door has to make, it is highly likely that the garage door springs will break at some point, and this is one of the most common garage door repair problems in South Florida. It is recommended for every homeowner to disconnect the door springs and lift the door up manually so that they can inspect the balance and the alignment of the springs. Should there be problems or should the springs break during operations, it costs an average of $2000 ( these are such statistics from studies and not an accurate number ) to repair the garage door springs in South Florida.

Broken Garage Door Cables

Frayed or broken cables should be replaced immediately and this is another common garage door repair service in South Florida. Though they may seem simple, the cables are very important because they stop the garage door from slamming shut which may cause the springs to break, damaging your car in the process or causing personal injuries. The cables aren’t very expensive and fixing them may require some time. Expect to spend anywhere from $150 to $200 should you need to replace broken garage door cables in South Florida.

Bent Garage Door Racks

The garage door racks may sometimes bend out of shape. The easiest way to bring them back to shape is to use a soft mallet and knock them gently to their original shape. But if you prefer the professionals to do it for you, you may need to part with between $125 and $150 for the services in South Florida.

Misaligned Safety Sensors

The other most common Boca Raton garage door repair problem in South Florida is the failure to close by the automatic garage door openers. When that occurs, the battery is usually the first suspect, but if the battery is well, then the safety sensors situated at the bottom of the garage door is the most likely cause of the problem.

If the sensors are not aligned properly, or if there is an object in the path of the beam, the doors will never close that easily. If you can’t realign the sensors on your own, or think of the exact cause of the problem, call a garage door repair technician immediately. The cost of aligning and fixing the garage door sensors should not be expensive and is not expected to go beyond the service call fee, which is estimated to be between $50 and $75 in South Florida.

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