Replacing a garage door is not like walking into your favorite convenience store then walking out with the item you wanted in your hand. It is a fairly expensive affair, since it involves a lot of costs and because you won’t be replacing the door every now and then, meticulous planning is necessary so that you strike a good balance between the quality and the cost of the replacement.

Estimates by the Remodeling Magazine put the ROI of an upgraded garage door to be somewhere around 83.6% and it also ranks among the top four home improvement projects in the United States as of 2015. But there are still more to come with replacing a garage door and which makes it imperative for every homeowner to look into the cost as well as the value of the replacement.

For instance, garages can cause significant changes on the cooling and heating expenses given their location, size and exposure within the home. When you upgrade to an insulated door, you are likely to realize significant changes in your monthly utility bills since you shall have improved the energy efficiency of your home.

Additionally, one of the primary purposes for your garage door is to guarantee security to the items stored in the garage. By installing a fortified door therefore, you reduce the risks of burglars breaking in and running away with your items. It therefore pays to give the value the due consideration it deserves whenever you are thinking about replacing your garage door.

What is the actual cost for garage door repair?

There is no fixed cost for repairing a garage door and the cost will vary depending on a number of variables such as-:

  • Materials – garage doors are made from different materials and come in different shapes and sizes. For example, a higher end custom-wood garage door will be slightly expensive than a basic un-insulated garage door.
  • Workmanship – if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can decide to replace the garage door on your own and thus save on the labor expenses. But if you use the services of professional installers, you are likely to part with some money in terms of labor charges, though you will get quality services and warranties in case any problem arises in the future.
  • Location – you will also find that the cost of garage door repair might vary depending on your region. This might be influenced by climate and architectural designs in such places. For instance, the requirements for installation a garage door in a stucco home in Arizona are completely different from the requirements of doing such an installation in Vermont.

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