It is not now and then that you will find yourself replacing your garage door opener. However, there are specific instances when it becomes a matter of necessity than just a mere convenience to do so.

Outlined are the top five reasons why you might deem it fit to replace your garage door openers:

Be in compliance with 1993 CPSC Rule

The Consumer Safety Product Commission put in place a new set of rules in 1993 to ensure that every garage door is equipped with a safety reversal mechanism. This was aimed at reducing the incidents of children or pets getting hurt whenever they tried to rush through the door during closing. According to this rule, every garage door opener should be fixed with two sensors, located about six inches from the ground and on both sides of the door. In case there is an object, maybe a pet or a child under the door during closing, the sensors will make the door stop and reverse to avoid a potential accident.

Therefore, if you are using a garage door opener that doesn’t utilize this technology, you are not compliant with the 1993 CPSC Rule and you have already created a great safety risk in your home. The remedy is to have a new opener installed immediately.

Noise Control

In a peaceful and quiet neighborhood, you don’t want to be the neighbor who announces to everyone each time you are leaving or coming back to your house due to the annoying noise produced by your garage door opener. If your opener is the old type, then it’s likely to be using a chain drive, which can generate a significant amount of noise during opening or closing. It is recommended that you replace it with a belt drive or a screw drive door opener that are more efficient and generate minimal noise.

Enhance the security of your home

With the older garage door openers, they were lacking a lot when it came to security features. Most of them used fixed codes which could be easily stolen by frequency identifier devices and used by burglars to gain access into your home. The new opener, however, are fixed with a “rolling code” feature which makes it impossible to duplicate the feature since it changes each time the door is used. As a result, your home is safer and more secure when you use the new garage door openers as compared to using the old openers.

Lack of Keys

Old garage door openers don’t have keypads that can be efficiently mounted outside the garage and where you only to enter a code to open the door. With the older models, you must always have a key to gain access. Replacing the door opener will thus give you the convenience of installing the keypad outside the garage and offer you with more security features such as biometric identification so that you don’t worry about remembering codes anymore.

Battery Backup

New garage door openers have battery backups which makes the doors easy to operate during an instance of power outages. With the older models, you will be compelled to manually pull the latches. The latches are not only difficult to operate by some people, but also they may get stuck over time, thus denying your access to your garage whenever you are experiencing power outages. Therefore, new openers with battery backup are highly recommended so that you are not troubled whenever you have power issues at home.

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