Knowing the facts about garage door springs and how they affect your door is essential in preventing damage and repairs needed to your garage in the future. As a homeowner, you use your garage door several times a day. If your springs are the correct size, your door should operate 100% of the time with no problems.

But all too often, the wrong garage door spring is installed, causing homeowners to have to pay for those mistakes made by other installation and repair companies. In order to prevent this from happening to your garage door, understanding what garage door springs are and what to do when the spring breaks will save your family money and your garage door from harm.

Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two types of garage door springs: torsion and extension.

  • Torsion springs are coiled around a bar located directly above your garage door.
  • Extension springs run along the tracks on both sides of your garage.

The springs are what lift up the weight of the garage door, keeping it balanced and safe for your family.

The Size Of Your Garage Door Spring Is Crucial

Most homeowners have never tested the balance of their garage door, mainly because they didn’t know it could be an issue.

  • When a spring is too big, most likely your garage door will fly upwards, stopping abruptly when it goes up.
  • Likewise, if the spring is too small, it won’t be able to properly hold your door, causing it to fall down rapidly, smashing to the ground.

Depending on how much the spring is off, you may only notice a tiny difference in the way your door goes up or down. Either way, if it is off at all, your garage door is unbalanced and your springs will eventually break, causing damage to your door and possibly to your garage.

How Florida Garage Door Company Can Help

Unfortunately, repairing broken garage door springs is dangerous and the wrong size spring can easily be installed if garage doors aren’t your area of expertise. That’s where we come in. As the local garage door repair company in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, and Boca Raton, we’ve seen hundreds of springs that are the wrong size for any particular door. Since there are so many varieties of garage doors now in the market, this is an all too common mistake that is being made in the Broward County and Palm Beach County areas.

Prevent Further Damage With A Professional Consultation

In order to prevent any damage to your garage door, and to be proactive on making sure your springs are the correct size for your door’s weight, give us a call and we will give you a free, no-obligation consultation specific to your door’s needs. We keep our trucks fully stocked with all different types of springs so when you call us, we can easily check the balance of your door and are able to replace and repair your springs quickly and with quality service.

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