Let us guess, you went to move your garage door and you noticed that it is off track! Don’t freak out! We understand that this seems like a really big headache, but this could be a very simple solution if handled properly. If not, this could potentially be a very dangerous situation, so you will want to approach your garage door with patience and care. You do not want your garage door to fall over and come crashing to the ground so it is very important to ready below and possibly have a professional come take a look.

First of all, do not use your garage door at all. This may seem obvious, but as your inspecting the situation, do not set it to move in any way. A single wheel off track could lead to another and have a very bad domino effect.

If it is a minor problem, you could possibly fix it yourself. Make sure you take caution and begin examining your door without touching anything. You need to find out the root of the problem so you can properly dissect what is going on.

Notice if there are any bent rails on your garage door track. Wheels tend to slip off bent rails and is the most common cause of a garage door getting off its track. If this has happened, more weight has shifted to the opposite rail, causing it to warp and fall off track.

You may be able to fix a bent rail by watching a youtube video and getting some strong friends to come over and give you a hand. It is important to know where the springs, cables, and rollers of the door are, so that you can go in with a game plan and not make any further damage.

Another cause of an off track garage door could be a snapped lift cord. These strong cables pull your door up and down the track, and if one of them snaps, the door will fall off the rails. This is when you definitely need to call a professional to give you a hand.

Garage doors are very heavy and can easily be damaged entirely if not handled correctly. When in doubt it is always better to call a professional to come out and dissect the problem. This way they can give you an affordable solution that does not cause more damage and definitely will not result in you having to fork over money for a brand new garage door. That would be the worse case scenario, and usually not necessary for a garage door that is off track.

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